Vision Correction Surgery In Perth

Refractive surgery is a category of eye surgery which targets correction of abnormal focus (refractive error) in order to remove the need for glasses or contact lenses. There are 2 optical apparatus in the eye: the external cornea and internal crystalline lens. Vision correction can be achieved by treatment to the cornea or the lens or both. Laser vision correction targets the cornea. Refractive lens exchange surgery replaces the natural internal lens.  Implantable contact lens surgery does not alter either the cornea or the internal lens.  The lens implant is inserted between these two structures.

eye anatomy cornea lens and retina

LASER vs Refractive Lens Exchange vs Implantable Contact Lens

3 types of correction treatments - Laser vision on the cornea, Lens exchange implant in the natural lens position and implantable contact lens in between

Each type of surgery has different treatment ranges and exclusion criteria. The risk and benefits are also different. The choice of surgery is often determined by individual patient’s biological parameters and requirements. We are the only clinic to offer every available type of cutting edge option for vision correction eye surgery in Perth. You can be sure that we can offer the most comprehensive and therefore balanced or unbiased opinion regarding which is the most suitable for your vision correction in Perth. These choices will be discussed during your consultation with the doctor.

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