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Aculase Laser Eye Centre is Perth’s premier refractive laser eye centre and has been operating since 2008.  We are located in on Stirling Highway in near the hospital precinct in Nedlands.  Our professional staff and the centre’s principal surgeon, Dr Ian Chan, are dedicated and committed to providing the highest quality of eye care using the latest and safest refractive techniques to ensure an accurate customised outcome for each individual.

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Why Choose Us

The decision you make for surgery is an important one and therefore we aim to assist you in making an accurately informed decision by providing you with information and confidence in making the right decision. You will receive the highest standard of care from all our professional staff right from the beginning and way beyond recovery at our eye clinic. Dr Ian Chan is both a corneal specialist as well as an ophthalmologist in Perth. Why is this important? This is an assurance to you since laser eye surgery is done on the cornea and having a cornea specialist as your surgeon will give you the added confidence that you are in very good hands.

We are the only clinic in Perth which offers the full range of current Laser eye surgery: SMILE, LASIK, PRK and Laser Lens/cataract surgery.  Why is this important? You can only get the most comprehensive opinion form the clinic that offers every available proven option.  Our Clinic has all the state of the art diagnostics required for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning for today's Laser Eye Surgery.

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Aculase Vision Mission Statement
We aim to provide personalised eye care and accurate customised eye surgery.


Surgeon Profile - Dr Ian Chan

Dr Ian Chan is a local Perth graduate from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery. He completed his Ophthalmologist specialist training in Perth with the award of Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists. With a keen interest in refractive surgery, he completed a dual fellowship-training in Cornea, Cataract and Laser Refractive Surgery. He received his laser refractive surgery fellowship training at the prestigious Moorfields Eye Hospital in London which is one of the cornerstone institutions in Ophthalmology. 

Perth Eye Hospital Laser Team - Nurses, Zeiss support, Aculase staff and Dr Ian Chan

Dr Ian Chan has been performing refractive eye surgery since 2007 and is one of Perth's most experienced and highly qualified refractive surgeons. He has a particular interest in correcting abnormal eyes using refractive surgery techniques which require more advanced expertise with the lasers compared to standard refractive surgery. Dr Chan is the first and only surgeon in Perth to perform SMILE laser eye surgery since 2015.  

Dr Chan is the first surgeon in Perth to use topographic guided laser treatment on Keratoconus.  He also uses laser treatments on many patients with corneal scars and patients with corneal transplants.  He is one of the first surgeons in Perth to perform corneal transplantation with partial thickness corneal graft created with laser.   He has implanted more Keraring implants using the Zeiss Visumax laser than any other surgeon in Australia.  Dr Chan has also introduced minimally invasive iontophoresis corneal cross-linking for the treatment of keratoconus to Perth. He has spoken locally and internationally on SMILE eye surgery and laser treatment on abnormal cornea at conferences. 

Dr Ian Chan is the principal surgeon at our eye clinic, Aculase. He trains and teaches eye surgeons and he is also a director at the largest Eye Hospital in Perth WA.

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