Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Perth

Perth Laser Vision Correction Surgery Cost

Laser eye surgery cost in Perth is lower than you think. Based on our research, the cost of LASIK in Perth averages around $3250 per eye.  With us, the simplest of laser eye surgery PRK, starts at $2450 per eye. This entry-level option is more affordable to those with a lower budget. We have the full range of treatment which varies in charges. The cost of other more advanced laser vision surgeries is higher due to the complexity and the licensing of more expensive advanced technology involved. We perform all our laser surgery in Perth Eye Hospital using the latest technology regardless of the option you choose. Rest assured that even our most cost-effective option is safe and accurate. We don't use unreliable laser machines or reduce sterility standards to try to reduce cost.  For those who are concerned about the large lump sum of laser surgery cost in Perth, payment plans with Zip Money is also available.

Lens Implant Surgery Cost

Lens implant surgery is more expensive than Laser vision surgery and the fees start from $4900 per eye. The higher expense of lens implantation is due to the higher complexity of the surgery which also incurs lens implants costs, theatre fees and anaesthetist fees.  These extra charges are proportionally much higher than our surgeon fees.  

Health funds and Laser Eye Surgery

Most health fund policies do not fully cover Laser Eye Surgery as these treatments do not carry a medicare item number.  However, several "Ultimate" level policies such as BUPA Ultimate, HBF Ultimate Package and Medibank Ultra Health Cover do cover Laser eye surgery cost in Perth.  Treatments covered are SMILE, LASIK and PRK.  Some of these policies would also cover RLE, ICL and Collagen Cross-linking.  Please do check your level of coverage with your health fund provider to see if your policy has the Ultimate coverage. 

HBF lower-level policy members are able to use GAPSAVER credits and Optical Cover credits to partially cover Laser eye surgery and Corneal Collagen Cross-linking costs.

Eye surgery for medical problems

Patients with medical diagnosis such as cataracts usually have their procedure fully funded at our practice by their Private Health Funds.  However, this is dependant on the specific diagnosis, the type of care and level of care you have chosen.  We are PREFERRED PROVIDERS with most major Private Health Funds, therefore you will normally be GAP FREE at our practice.  

Unfunded medical treatments

There are several other medical treatments which are clearly proven to be effective but are not currently funded by Medicare and/or Private Health Funds.  These are usually cutting edge diagnostics and treatments such as OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), Kera-ring implants and Laser Cataract Surgery System.  Keratoconus treatments other than corneal transplantation are not well funded by health funds or Medicare.  Collagen Cross-linking (CXL) for keratoconus was previously unfunded.  However, CXL has been covered by major health funds and carries a medicare rebate since May 2018.   

Zip MOney

We offer payment plans with Zip Money.  There is an online application for account facilities with Zip Money.  The approval process is quick and Zip Money pays Aculase directly before surgery.    

To find out more about financing your laser eye surgery in Perth, please contact our friendly staff today on (08) 9388 1828.