Experience firsthand SMILE laser eye surgery through THE EYE of a patient undergoing laser eye surgery

Experience SMILE laser eye surgery through THE EYE of a patient undergoing surgery.

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If you have ever wondered what it’s like going through laser eye surgery then do not miss watching this video.

The most common worry patients have is whether they can cope mentally with eye surgery.  Many also hope to be able to sleep through the operation. Laser eye surgery requires some cooperation from the patient and therefore it is not possible to have general anaesthetic and sleep through the procedure.  However, local anaesthetic eye drops numb the eye very quickly and extremely effectively.  The entire treatment is also very quick and as pleasant as eye surgeries can go.   

Understandably, there is an innate fear towards eye surgery.  As a result, we have many patients who come to see us after one of their friends/ colleagues/ family have had the operation. Having someone you know that has gone through the treatment process is certainly reassuring. However, even then, most patients are still a little apprehensive as they are not 100% sure of what to expect.

Seeing the procedure being performed as a third party is significantly different to seeing it through THE EYE of the person being operated on. For the first time ever, we are able to show you what the procedure is like from the view of the patient going through SMILE laser eye surgery. We have heard plenty of "Wow it that it?", "What was I worried about?", "Gee that didn't hurt at all!", "That was nothing!" etc. You can now experience this for yourself via this video.

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