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Eye Clinic Mission

We tailored every aspect of this building towards an uncompromised treatment experience. Doctor's consultation rooms, in general, tend to be lacking in inter-personal space. One of our specific goals is to impart a feeling of a relaxed and warm spaciousness for our patients. We ended up with a building with an interior volume 3 times more than we had in our previous clinic. Our patients never need to be seating next to someone they are not familiar with, allowing them to keep their social distance.  In the age of Covid-19, this design proves to be vital.  

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Eye Surgery Location Requirements

Since 2016, it was clear that we needed more space for patients and staff.  The Hollywood Hospital clinic was also giving patients parking issues.  We never utilised the hospital facilities in Hollywood Hospital as eye surgery doesn't require an overnight bed.  Ophthalmologists also perform all imaging and tests within the clinic.  Therefore, we were keen on a location with access to major roads and yet have surrounding parking.  We also like to be close in proximity to our previous place of business.  A property which was a retail business and a Family Doctor office became available in 2015 at the corner of Meriwa Street and Stirling Highway.  This property has three sides open to car access.  Beyond on-site parking, there is ample parking on the quiet Meriwa street, and also bus stops on Stirling Highway.


Eye Clinic Interior Brief

Aculase Main Waiting Room

 Aculase Waiting Room

 Testing Room

 Corridor and Minor Operation Room

An ophthalmology clinic is very different from most doctor consulting suites.  There are many large specialised diagnostic equipment and technicians are required to operate these instruments.  Some of these instruments require complete darkness or isolation.  All these factors result in a much larger space requirement.  As technology progresses, we also seem to be adding more and more diagnostic instruments.  

Laser eye surgery also poses a different set of demands.  Laser eye surgery patients are usually younger than most cataract patients.  Therefore we feel that a separation in the waiting room provided more options for the comfort of our patients.  We believe that patient education is paramount to a good surgery experience.  Therefore we also added 2 specialised counselling rooms for this purpose.  A minor operating room is also required.  The internal plans are shaped around a central walkway from reception to various waiting, consultation and testing rooms to provide efficiency when running a clinic.

Dr Ian Chan Consulting Room

Exterior Details


 Aculase Street Parking

 Back Access Laneway and Disabled Parking

We wanted the building to be modern but yet it had to blend into its surroundings.  After several plans, we settled on a modern architecture but retained the pre-war street frontage.  The roofline was only mildly elevated to accommodate a mezzanine office level.  Claristorey windows and louvred roof windows provide the interior with ample sunlight.

We wanted good access to street parking and modern disabled amenities. 

In 2019, our building was awarded the Commercial Property Design of the Year award by City of Nedlands.

Aculase Front Entrance

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