Visumax laser installation delay


The new Visumax Laser will be installed next to the Alcon Allegretto Wavelight laser in Perth Eye Hospital. We have been performing laser eye surgeries in Perth Eye Hospital for many years. So far, we have offered LASIK and PRK for laser vision correction. We are very excited that we will be the first in Perth to offer SMILE laser eye surgery as an advanced option.

The advantage of a certified hospital conforming to national health standard is that the surgeon and our patients can have the confidence in the sterility of the operating theatre and the expertise of the nurses and allied staff. Everything inside a hospital has to be regulated to the most stringent standards. The downside is that these lengthy and rigid certification processes can cause significant delays. We have been helded up by a variation in the plans concerning the distance between the two lasers. As an health department application involves architects, hospital administration and the health department the delay can be substantial. We have been delayed by three months. 

The other laser eye surgery clinics in Perth would not have the same problems as there is minimal health department oversight into these facilities. The operation theatre in a certified hospital is very vigorously regulated, and we believe it is a good thing despite the lengthy set back. Patient safety is paramount to us. The painfully rigid system is also the same solid framework that we rely on to ensure safety. The frustration at the delay is a small price to pay. We have just been told that the permit to install has been finally granted. We have many patients who have decided to wait for the new advanced laser system for their surgery. These patients were left on hold due to this installation delay. We are very grateful for their patience.


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