AUSCRS 2016 Port Douglas SMILE laser eye surgery technique

Auscrs 2016 New SMILE technique

AUSCRS stands for Australian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons. AUSCRS has an annual meeting for laser eye surgery surgeons to discuss latest developments in the field of refractive surgery. This meeting has a unique "unplugged" atmosphere which is unique in the world of medical conferences. This environment is in keeping with the "fair dinkum" Australian way and allow surgeons to speak freely about their field. This meeting was, in fact, founded by a Perth surgeon over 20 years ago.

This year it was held in Port Douglas and Dr Chan presented in the film festival part of the meeting. He spoke about the new SMILE technique and latest instrumentation. At the end of the presentation there was a 10 minutes discussion between surgeons regarding the impact of SMILE on the field of refractive surgery. SMILE has been featured more and more prominently in ophthalmology conferences over last few years. We are certainly supporting this trend as we can clearly see the benefit every day.

Dr Chan has been presenting on SMILE very frequently internationally and locally regarding updates in the procedure. While we are the only provider of SMILE laser eye surgery in Perth currently, it won't be long before other Perth lasik surgeons commit to the upgrade despite the heavy capital investments required. It is very exciting to have a major advance in laser eye surgery as LASIK and PRK has already been so successful in their 30 year history.

As we truly believe in the Zeiss SMILE technology, we are hoping that more surgeons would take up this advanced technique in laser eye surgery in Perth so that more patients would benefit from this surgical option. We strongly suggest all patients who are exploring laser eye surgery to consider SMILE as an option before committing to surgery. Not every patient will be suitable for SMILE. PRK or LASIK may be the better choice in your circumstances but you won't know until you explore all your options.  Click to see video

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