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We have been needing a website since 2009. Up until now Dr Chan believes in services through referral from other Doctors or Optometrists only. We have been providing laser eye surgery and lens implant surgery for over 6 years without a website. According to the Allegretto laser company representatives, we are the only clinic without marketing and even a website. Even then, through the word of mouth, and referral we have had thousands of patients.

The change this year is SMILE. We believe that this technology will be able to change the face of laser eye surgery in Perth. We will be installing this new technology later this year. With the arrival of this exciting technology we want to spread the news to everyone in Perth.

The website has been a bigger job than the team had envisioned. Dr Chan doesn’t want to trust our message to a copywriter and he has been writing a lot of the content. It was difficult getting him to finish writing between all his commitments.This website has been under-construction since 2013. We were worried that the website designed would abandon us after such a long delay. 

We are proud of the website that we can finally show case. We feel that we have explained the various laser eye surgeries as well as possible within the format of a website. A lot of work has gone into the back end of the website. We have a real online test submission system that allows us to reply with a timely result. Most other websites just use a dummy contact form and call it a test. 

We are hoping that our website conveys the personable and less commercial style that we pride ourselves in. We are also keen on posting regular updates on our progress as we do have a great story to tell.


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