Why are Doctors still wearing glasses if laser eye surgery is so good

Doctor wearing glasses

We frequently hear this question: why are most doctors still wearing glasses and why are your staff and family wearing glasses? These questions are angled at the issue of trust regarding our laser eye surgery or lens implant surgery. We feel that these questions are fair. Since we believe in the treatment so much, then why aren't we using it ourselves?

Firstly, Dr Chan doesn't require glasses or contact lens for his vision. Secondly, Dr Chan's wife has had LASIK over 8 years ago.

With regards to other doctors in general, we don't have any statistics on the prevalence of glasses and contact lens wearers in the medical profession in Perth. We have been correcting vision for Doctors, other health professionals and their friends and families for many years. Since we started performing SMILE in 2015, we have been having more health professionals coming through. A recent sampling of our SMILE laser patients showed that over 20% are health professionals comprising GP's, medical specialists, surgeons, dentist, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. We feel that it may reflect their preference for minimally invasive surgery amongst health professionals.  For instance, laparoscopic surgery has been established as being better than open surgery in a lot of application in medicine for many years.

We have also operated on many friends and family members. There will be a separate post on these stories another day.

It is important to remember that it is a personal choice to have elective vision correction surgery.  Laser eye surgery is just another choice of vision correction. Some prefer their glasses for cosmetic or professional reasons. Some patients like wearing cosmetic contact lenses. Some only require glasses or contact lenses occasionally.

Furthermore, some are unsuitable for vision correction surgery, even if they prefer to be glasses and contact lenses free.

In short, we have no reservations treating ourselves, medical colleagues or friends and family using our procedures and machines if they wish to be treated.  As for other doctors, they seem to be happy to have laser eye surgery, especially SMILE.

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