2015 - 100 SMILE laser eye surgery - a milestone for Perth laser vision surgery


In a blink of an eye, we have performed 100 SMILE laser eye surgeries in Perth. Our patients have been very happy with the results. We have been blessed with seeing our patient’s life change overnight. The excitement and joy in the waiting room on Friday mornings is amazing. One of our non-laser patients told us that we would not need any marketing if the public can hear the happy conversations between our patients in our waiting room.

Happiness is also very common with LASIK. The surprise to us is the lack of pain with SMILE Most patients had no feeling of pain even straight after surgery. There are reports of LASIK giving better vision on day one compared to SMILE. Our experience is somewhat different. 90% of our patients had 20/20 or better vision on the day after surgery. Almost all have driven in to see us for their first post operative appointment. This figure is very similar to our LASIK data. There has been less dry eyes with our SMILE patients. They also like the fact that they can go back to all their activities including swimming in 3 days. Our patients also like the fact that they don’t even have a dressing or goggle over their eyes after they walk out of surgery. Their friends and family didn’t even know they have already had it since the eyes are not red.

We initially fail to understand why Zeiss chose SMILE as the name of their new ground breaking laser eye surgery. SMILE seemed to be a more appropriate name for dental surgery. Since we have been providing SMILE laser surgery, it’s obvious why they choose this name. You just have to be in our waiting room on Friday morning and you would see the why.



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