Laser assisted corneal transplantation first in Perth

Corneal Transplantation

Corneal transplantation is a 100 year old treatment. The main reasons for corneal transplantations are keratoconus, corneal swelling and corneal scarring. Traditionally corneal transplant is performed using a circular cookie-cutter blade which is limited in accuracy. Using the Zeiss Visumax laser, which is accurate to 10 microns, to perform this surgery has resulted in the cornea being in a much better position, geometry and stability after surgery. We are proud to be the first to perform Visumax laser corneal transplantation in Perth.

Curved laser interface - much less pressure and more comfortable

The curve interface of the Visumax is ideal for corneal transplantation as there is less pressure on the eye and less distortion created by the interface unit. This curved interface also translates into more comfort for patients during LASIK or SMILE laser eye surgery compared to the flat interface laser that other Perth laser eye surgery centre uses. We are very proud to be the first to have this technology in Perth.

Flat Interface -higher pressure and pain

Dr Chan has also invented a new method in performing corneal transplantation using the Visumax laser that has so far improved the results significantly. We hope to update on the progress of this development in the future.

Corneal transplantation is not a form of laser vision correction. However, these patients often do need laser vision correction after the transplantation surgery. Correction of abnormal cornea is very much a regular treatment at Aculase. These patients require extreme degree of vision correction (such as very high astigmatism) seldom seen in normal patients. We believe our expertise in correcting abnormal corneas and extreme refractive error allows us to provide a more accurate treatment for normal patients with a smaller degree of focusing problems.

For instance, we often get patients with astigmatism that other clinic have refused to treat. Treatment of astigmatism has ended up being very common in our clinic. We will therefore include some new development or interesting cases in vision correction for abnormal corneas from time to time on this blog.



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